• Heat escapes through attic openings 38 times faster than surrounding areas
  • Up to 30% of home heat/cooled air is lost through attic openings
  • Attic stairs and hatches present the largest “holes” in the home
  • Minimal product cost for maximum savings
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How it works

  • Create an air seal to prevent loss of heat/cooled air into the attic
  • Made from the highest quality rigid foam insulation for maximum savings
  • Prevents air movement between the living and attic spaces
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Per MonthMaterial





Per MonthPolyisocyanurate

1.5 ”

59 3/4″

29 3/4″

11 3/4″

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About us

InsulAttic, LLC is an insulation products company with locations in CT and MA. Our primary product is an Insulated Attic Stair Cover, which creates a barrier to prevent heat/cooled air from entering the attic via the opening surrounding installed attic stairs. This product is widely used in New England, and conforms to current building/renovation code. The ASC-1000 is constructed of 1.5” rigid insulation board (Polyisocyanurate). This board has a foil fire barrier on one side, which is required for use by certain efficiency programs.